Our office is located in the center of Perea, at 16 Petrou and Pavlou Street. It has been operating since February 2007, providing specialized Surgery services. At the same time it participates in the social clinic of the municipality of Thermaikos.


The place is very neat, friendly and humane. In the equipped examination room of the clinic additional minor surgeries can be performed, such as suturing wounds, dehiscence of abscesses, removing neni and onyctomies.


We are by your side at all times providing home visits. Our surgerical clinic for several years now stands close to man, always providing the best solution and treatment with experience, reliability and love.

The clinic offers access to People with Disabilities (AMEA) and public parking nearby.


From August 2022, he maintains a Clinic in the center of Thessaloniki, 47 Vasileos Heraklion with nearby parking and access for the disabled.