Herpes is a virus known for 25 centuries and was so named by Hippocrates because it tends to “creep”. Indeed, when herpes infects one part of the body can then infect other, near or far, “creeping” from cell to cell.

Throughout human history, no infectious disease has killed more people than malaria.
Called the "mother of fevers" by the ancient Chinese, malaria has plagued humans since they evolved from apes and once affected most of the planet.

Too much exercise is unnecessary, if not harmful, while on the contrary it is beneficial if done in moderation. Thus, jogging has better results, giving more years of life when it is mild and not intense, according to a new Danish scientific research.

The sun, chlorine and sea water. The “protagonists” of summer can destroy our hair, drying it, dulling its color, and frizzing it. Even our air conditioner can cause problems. But how can we protect our hair?

If we have to put every drink and beverage on a scale and see which is best, the answer is always the same: water. Zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbohydrates. On the other hand, water is also colorless, tasteless and odorless. So let's take a look at some drink ideas that a diabetic can enjoy without guilt…